Some Things

Hello again Camp W readers! It’s time for a new blog post, ‘cause we’ve got a few announcements to make.

First…we won’t be at PAX East. It’s a bummer because we love seeing everyone at PAX, and this will be the first (US) PAX we’ve missed in years. We were hoping we could make it work, but we couldn’t because…

We are moving back to sunny California at the end of this month. Our time in the PA offices has been incredible, and we’re going to miss our Washington friends and the beautiful green and grey, but there are some exciting possibilities that we’d like to explore in California.

Now, getting everything ready to go by the end of March will be hectic, so updates will feature some different stuff for the time being. We’re still trying to figure out what we’ll be putting up, but we will put something new up on update days.

Lastly, once things settle down (hopefully sometime in April) we’ll be starting a final storyline that wraps up what will be Volume 2 of Camp W. I’m pretty excited to get started on it, so hopefully the move and everything else happens smoothly.

As always, thanks for reading the comic!

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