• May 4

    Time for an update!

    So Camp W is on an obvious hiatus right now, but recently we’ve had some people write and express concern about the comic being over. Hopefully we can help clear things up here. The comic is… Read More »

  • May 23

    Update update

    Hey guys! So, I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know what’s been going on with me and Adam lately. Now that we are back in California, I’ve started a new job at… Read More »

  • Mar 8

    Some Things

    Hello again Camp W readers! It’s time for a new blog post, ‘cause we’ve got a few announcements to make. First…we won’t be at PAX East. It’s a bummer because we love… Read More »

  • Oct 19

    Katie Comics!

    Welp, it’s time for my annual Camp Comics blog post! Thank you all for continuing to read the Camp comic and I’m sorry that this News page became such a wasteland. I know I’ve said… Read More »

  • Aug 7

    Call for Campfire Stories!

    Hey everybody! After today’s comic, we’re gonna be taking a break-type thing from our typical update schedule. You can still expect content on the usual update days (Tuesdays and Fridays),… Read More »

  • Feb 27

    Volume 1 Kickstarter!

    Big news! The Read More »

  • Jun 3

    Incidental kid designs

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of making Camp W has been coming up with the side and background characters. I almost always have some sort of idea for their personalities and backstories, even if… Read More »

  • Apr 4

    New apparel for PAX East!

    PAX East is upon us, so we’ve been busy making a bunch of new merchandise to sell there. Along with new Camp W prints and the pin I posted about earlier, there’s now also a new shirt and… Read More »