Call for Campfire Stories!

Hey everybody!

After today’s comic, we’re gonna be taking a break-type thing from our typical update schedule. You can still expect content on the usual update days (Tuesdays and Fridays), it’s just that we won’t necessarily be doing our usual full-page comics.

There’s one thing we’d like to do, but we’re gonna need your help!

Since the comic launched, we’ve absolutely loved whenever we get comments from readers about their own experiences with summer camp, or just nature in general, and we wanna hear more! We’re looking for your best stories detailing your childhood triumphs or traumas!

We will select our favorites and, here’s the best part, Katie will create an illustration or illustrations to accompany the story! Then we’ll post it here on the website. (Try to keep it short-ish. Let’s say around 300 words.)

By the way, if you want to be depicted in the illustration, be sure to attach a photo of yourself. If no photos exist of you, you could just give a general description and Katie will do it up Police Sketch Artist style.

If you have a story you’re willing to share, submit it to

Please note that by submitting a story, you’re granting us permission to publish it online.

Thanks everyone! We look forward to hearing from you!