I can write a blog post!

If you’re enjoying Camp Weedonwantcha, you should take some time to check out the website where I first started posting comics, Dummcomics.com. It’s pretty neat. There’s content everyday, with every day of the week belonging to a different comic artist. My comic, Skadi, goes up every Thursday. And if you decide you like Skadi, it also has it’s own site at skadicomics.com. It’s all the same stuff, just a little easier to navigate. I hope you like it!

 photo shutup_zps531b521c.jpg

I’ve been pretty quiet here in the blog section…I’m hoping to change that though. I’m used to using drawings to communicate online, and I’m not always great at this word thing, so it’s a little intimidating. Also if you’re someone who leaves and reads comments, expect to see more of me chiming in on there. I wanna get in on that!